Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Have Heart - Demo 7" 2004 Summer Tour

Somewhere along the line this last month, I mistakenly thought I was rich and kept buying really expensive records to make a serious dent in my want list. Silly me, I forgot that actually don't have endless supplies of cash. Sorry to say the post-Christmas spending spree has ended.

Still, I couldn't resist picking this record up. My 15th copy of Have Heart's demo 7". Excluding the /8 and /15 transitional color variations or ones with a spec of color on them that are called a separate "press", I am closing in on an acceptable conclusion to this collecting nightmare. One at a time I guess...

This is the 2004 Summer Tour edition with an alternate cover that was made by the band as the regular covers weren't ready yet. The vinyl is taken from the first press of 400 on black with the red labels. 45 covers were made up for the tour. The cover is of course a Gorilla Biscuits rip off of their first 7" cover with the lion replacing the gorilla. I find it pretty well done actually.

Each of the 45 were numbered which is a nice touch.

Next up is to tackle the ridiculous 4th pressing. Seven different colors with no one color being pressed in more than numbers of 180. Great.
If anyone wants to spare me the grief of trying buy a clear/45 or a red/20 and just sell me their entire 4th press collection, I'd be grateful!


  1. Can you post the pressing info for the demo? I haven't seen an updated one...

  2. Love the enthusiasm coming through on this post. Ha!

  3. Oh, you noticed that huh? I am feeling a bit of guilt with the crazy spending! I will feel a lot better about all of it after the credit card is paid off.

  4. I didn't mean the financial issue. It was more that it sounded like you were saying "HAVING to buy four hundred copies of this 7" is really starting to annoy me. I don't really want them, and definitely can't be bothered with having to track them down.. but obviously I HAVE to get them, so if someone could make that easy for me then that would be great".

    Seems pretty ridiculous to me... but ironically I do exactly the same thing. Like, my Chain of Strength 7" collection is coming on, so that means that I am going to HAVE to buy a Chain Crew 7" at some point, but I really don't want to. But obviously I don't have a choice.

    Man, we are idiots.

  5. Hey Marcus, yeah you nailed it! Have Heart are in my top 5 bands ever, I love Bottled Up Records, so collecting this should be fun. However, this release just tears the ass out of me.
    At first I just wanted the tour presses and covers, then just the first press, oh and the second press on yellow, and so on.
    The rationalization I do is mental! I really am an idiot.

  6. I know the feeling. One step at a time until you realise you have half the versions available, then you figure you might as well collect the rest. Then they bring out some more, but by then it's too late to go back.

    I'd love to try to explain this to someone who isn't a collector. I'm convinced that if you explained it to a rational, normal person they would think us completely insane...

    "I just spent $500 on a piece of round plastic that, half an hour after buying, I'm just going to put in a box and probably not look at again for about ten years"

    "Why the hell would you do that?"

    "Well, because I already have nine other slightly different versions of the same piece of round plastic, and obviously if there are ten and i only have nine then the universe will feel out of balance"

    "I'm sorry? You need to buy something because you have nine of the exact same thing that you never use sat in a box somewhere?"

    "Yep - that's about the size of it"

    "Riiiiiiight. I have to go now..."

  7. Great post, and great conversation above from Marcus. Hilarious.

    I got a little burned out on collecting Have Heart stuff, plus prices seemed to get a little extra insane when the band was breaking up. I may have to get back into the game here pretty soon.