Friday, March 5, 2010

Killing Time - Brightside

Let's see what happened today to me shall we?
I'm on day 5 of the worst head cold and cough of my life. I had two different kiss ass client meetings at work. I lost my fucking wallet at lunch!!!! Spent an hour canceling credit cards and all that shit. To top it off, I took the bus home after resorting to panhandling for change - in a shirt and tie. Did I mention I lost my wallet?

Yeah, I think Killing Time - "Brightside" will do the trick.

This record is angry. Really angry. Loud and angry. I consider RawDeal/Killing Time one of the great underrated NYHC bands. They should be right alongside Sick of It All, The Cro-Mags and AF as pioneers of the sound.

I was enamored with the whole "In Effect" hardcore imprint label back in the late 80's. After the interviews with Howie Abrams over at Double Cross, I had to pull this record out for old time's sake.

I'm glad I did because it really came in handy today.

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  1. Dude, my post title from the day before was "Killing Time". Quit stealin' from my creativity. ha!