Monday, August 17, 2009

American Nightmare - Background Music

After eight years of losing ebay auctions, missing out on collections being sold online, and trade board deals falling through, I finally have a complete set of one of my favorite albums, American Nightmare's Background Music.

In my opinion, Equal Vision vinyl releases were pretty hard to track down way back when. Maybe it was the distribution up here in Canada, but man, we were lucky to get anything in at the local stores. If we did it was always the most common version, usually black vinyl. Shelter, Bane, Hands Tied, Converge, Ten Yard Fight, Hope Con, Floorpunch - always the same story.

Anyways, after all these years I can finally take this record off my want list and I owe it all to Marcus from the excellent "The Endless Quest" record collecting blog. Marcus has been helping me with getting this blog thing going with some great advice. Recently, he hooked me up with an AN band contact to obtain the hardest and most rare version of this record, the purple X friend's press. Words cannot express my gratitude. Thanks again bro!

In order, from rarest to most common,

Purple X on black/100



Black/1000 +? I have heard 1000 on the nose, and I have also heard there were more. Still a worthwhile record to get just because of all that repress "Give Up the Ghost" nonsense.

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  1. Hey Doug, glad this finally turned up!

    I was also reading this & thinking that its cool that the little record collecting blog network is starting to help each other out too. Long may it continue!