Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Unbroken - Discography 3 x lp

One of the highlights of my day is checking the mail when I get home. Sometimes I will even call home from work to check in with my wife. I'll ask her how her day is going, how are the kids, did I get any packages in the mail?

Well yesterday was a good mail day.

Inside the record mailer sitting on the kitchen table was the Unbroken discography triple lp set.

This record was released exclusively at the Burning Fight shows in Chicago and LA. The Chicago show was the reunion of Unbroken that lots of 90's hardcore folks were very excited about. Me included. The show sold out really fast with people coming from around the world. I heard this record sold out pretty fast too. People at the shows were hard pressed to get one, if they got one at all.

500 have been pressed in total to this point. I read on some message board that it will be repressed and made readily available for everyone. Of course, I am way too impatient and got this in a private B9 board deal where I probably overpaid.

The album comes as a tri-fold and contains the albums "Life. Love. Regret.", "Ritual" and "It's Getting Harder To Say The Right Things" (which is a compilation of 7 inch songs, splits and comps)

The vinyl is white for "Life.Love. Regret." , grey for "It's Getting Tougher..." , and white/grey split for "Ritual".

The cover is as you can see from the pictures a very sparse outlay and asthetically looks a lot like the old Factory Records, Joy Division releases. I'm not sure if it was intentional, but it works for me. Come to think of it a "Love Will Tear Us Apart" cover is on this and was originally on the split 7" with Abhinanda, so I'm sure they were down with Ian Curtis and crew.

Hopefully everyone will be able to get their hands on this soon. Indecision Records works in mysterious ways. Kind of like when they released the Undertow "Everything" discography on vinyl a couple months ago - five years after the cd. Kooky.

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  1. God damn I need this record. I must have this thing. It looks incredible. Wow I'm so making a saved search on ebay right now.