Tuesday, August 4, 2009

In My Eyes - Nothing To Hide (Record Release)

In 1997, after what felt like a lifetime of 90's experimentation, development and "growth", Revelation Records finally started to put out a few records that got back to the formula of what drew people to the label in the first place - fast, aggressive, straight edge hardcore.

Don't get me wrong, I like Texas Is The Reason, Statue, Into Another and Sense Field just fine, but man, those releases just weren't numbers 1-23!

In My Eyes along with bands like Bane, Ten Yard Fight and Floorpunch started a youth crew revival in the late 90's that was long overdue. IME was a band that didn't sound emo, indie or metalcore. Just melodic sXe hardcore. What a concept!

This is In My Eyes second and in my opinon best record, "Nothing to Hide".

For the record release show, 120 hand numbered covers paying homage to the Judge Chung King album were made. The vinyl used was the white press out of 500.


  1. Was at the Kinko's in Brookline the night these were made. Can't remember what I was in there making, probably some oversized Converge poster flyers. Talked to Geoff about a Turning Point LP he wanted to sell, could have been a test press. I did not end up getting it. Casey who went on to do Iodine Records was the guy working the graveyard shift that made the covers. My copy is #72. Boring story. :(

  2. That's a great story Tre! Did you ever think that each one of those sheets of photocopied paper would be worth $100 each some day?

    There is no way you would remember, but I met you through Aram at S&F in 2007 at the Alpine. Feels like a million years ago...

  3. I wish that I remembered the story that one of the guys (Pete or Pappalardo) told me about why they made this cover for their record release show. I seem to recall that it had something to do with REV being late in sending out the vinyl to them, or something.

  4. Hey Doug.

    Funny thing with what you said "sheets of photocopied paper" cause there were definitely a few extra of those laying around the Kinko's and we joked about making some of our own copies.... we did not. I wouldn't be surprised if people did make fakes, cause it would be SOOOO easy, and those were going for $100 easy after they were out there.