Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Bridge Nine Warehouse Editions

Last month, Bridge Nine quietly posted a pre-order for something they called "Warehouse Editions" of five of their older releases. They were:

Champion - Promises Kept lp
No Warning - Ill Blood lp
Have Heart - You Can't Go Home Again 7"
Outbreak - You Make Us Sick 7"
Death By Dishonor/Black Friday '29 split 7"

Basically this was leftover vinyl and some inserts without covers found in the warehouse. They made up special covers for the releases and voila, instant collectors items. The cool part was they were sold for regular prices.I guess it was intended for people who didn't have them the first time around. Sorry about that.

The pre-order came and went really fast for the first three titles. A few hours and that was it. The Outbreak and DBD/BF 29 hung around for close to a week and then were gone too. If I wasn't on the Vinyl Collective message board at the right time (during work hours of course), I would have missed out. As it is, I got lucky (or I should have a better work ethic) and was able to pick up the three titles I wanted right away. Looking back, I probably should have picked up the other two as they were $5 a piece.
Oh well. Still stoked!

Champion - Promises Kept. Out of 205. I got the final show press vinyl. Way darker "yellow" than my other original copy.

No Warning - Ill Blood. Out of 141. Black vinyl originally out of 600. No insert with this one.

Have Heart - You Can't Go Home Again. Out of 95. Yellow vinyl originally out of 1000. No insert.


  1. FUCK! This one still burns me. Nice to see that you got the 3 that I really wanted but were sold out by the time I found out they were up for sale...dick. :)

  2. I'm an idiot. I saw when these went up, but for some reason didn't order them. So i think that kinda fucks up my Champion collection. Insert a sad face here.

  3. One of those Ill Blood copies made it over to Germany, I just bought it on eBay. Lucky about that, cause i don't even have the "regular" press...