Saturday, July 18, 2009

Infest - Machismo 7"

Where's the Unity?

This record single handedly changed the way I thought about hardcore. To me they are the first and last word on power violence/thrash/grind or whatever you want to call it. Aggressive, gruff vocals and super fast, especially for 1988. Between them and Siege, they started it all.

This was their first single. While it doesn't officially have a title, it is pretty much known as the "Machismo" single. The first press was originally self released by the band. There are a lot of bootlegs out there on this one. The most common is the "Easy Come, Easy Go" one. I got burned on that one as an original off ebay once!
Hopefully some of these pictures will help if you are so inclined on tracking one down.

They ended up re-releasing all the songs off this record as part of the Slave lp.
Try to track this or the Slave album down if you can.


  1. Infest were pretty awesome. I've got the Easy Come, Easy Go bootleg of this 7 inch...of course I bought it so long ago, I had no idea what a bootleg was at the time. Ha!

  2. Great one,btw. how much did you paid for original 7" ?