Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Cave In - Beyond Hypothermia

With word of Cave In getting back together after a short "break" and releasing a new 12" called Planets of Old on Hydra Head, feelings of hope wash over me that we are finally going to hear the crushing Cave In of old.
...and just like Charlie Brown trying to kick the football Lucy keeps pulling away, I get let down once again.

Literally since Until Your Heart Stops came out 100 years ago, I get my hopes up and then I get them dashed! Release after release, Jupiter, Tides of Tomorrow, Antenna, and ever Perfect Pitch Black. If I want to hear Pink Floyd, I will put on Animals or Wish You Were Here.
Where was Crossbearer? Capsize? Flypaper?
Hey I understand, bands change and "progress", I just had a hard time changing with Cave In. Maybe it's better to say goodbye.

But I'm keeping this!

The first and only press was a total of 320. 22 on purple and 298 on grey. There were also different screened cover colors. There was blue, yellow, green and blue on clear vellum.

There were some pretty cool inserts including the cd insert, a Hydra Head pressing info sheet for all the releases to that point, and also an info sheet on the release and why it was pressed, etc.
This was one on my first real "collector" records and still gets pulled out quite often for a spin along with the original 7"s and Until Your Heart Stops.
Ah, Cave In...

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  1. I picked up on the label in its early days, and back in the era that this came out I used to buy everything that Hydrahead put out. But before the internet, I used to phone up and reserve things and then send cash in the mail. So when this 12" came out, Aaron Turner told me he was pressing it on five different colors. So I sent money for five copies. When my package arrived, I was gutted, because there were only two colors - purple and grey. Then I read the insert and was happy that I had one of the purple. I guess he sent me one because he felt bad that I sent money for five based on what he said, and then only two colors came back. But I guess if I hadn't have sent money for five, he would never have sent me a purple. So in a way my obsession helped. Anyway, I had FOUR different covers (the blue one here x 2, one with purple wax one with grey, a yellow one and a green one... and also one where the cover was just a giant Cave In poster folded down to the size of an LP sleeve). I kept the purple one, one grey one with a yellow sleeve, and then I traded three copies away (including the poster sleeve one). Part of me wishes I still had all 5 though.

    Incidentally, I think the best Cave In record is 'Tides Of Tomorrow'. It's the only one I am now not sick to death of. In terms of play count, 'Jupiter' wins. When it came out I listened to nothing else for about 4 months. I seriously listened to it all the way through like 3 times a day too. Crazy.