Wednesday, July 15, 2009

SS Decontrol - The Kids Will Have Their Say

To borrow the timeless phrase from Todd Packer on the Office, "What has two thumbs and loves 80's Boston Hardcore? This guy!!!!"
Near the top of my list for favorite Boston hardcore bands is SSD. While I think their "Get It Away" album is way better, I decided to post their first album "The Kids Will Have Their Say".

From the iconic front cover shot, to the joint release with D.C. label Dischord, to the opener "Boiling Point", this album crushes.

I scored this off ebay a few years ago before things blew up with the movie "American Hardcore". It actually wasn't too hard to get or too expensive, it's just that there are so many bootlegs out there you have to be careful when buying off ebay sight unseen. The ExClaim/Discord boot is the one that keeps popping up everywhere. I found one last week in a local record store in the new releases section.

Anyway, what seems to be difficult these days is finding one with an original insert.

It was a shame to see what happened with SSD later on with albums like "How We Rock" and "Break It Up", but I am starting to think that deep down most Boston bands of that era (DYS, Gang Green, The FU's) just wanted to be Aerosmith. Dream On indeed.


  1. Awesome LP. I bought this in the early 90's, and only recently realized that I had the Ex-Claim bootleg. Funny thing was that I really didn't like this when I first heard it, and I shelved it for many years.

  2. I just found a used copy in a record store that looks completely legit but has silver labels (instead of white) on the LP. Anybody know if this LP went through multiple pressings?

  3. As far as I know, there was only one pressing of 1000 that was done by XClaim! I checked with Flex and it says the same. Everything else are bootlegs.

  4. Wait,so the x-claim/dischord one is original,or is the original only x-claim?

  5. I believe i have it,any buyers out there?