Sunday, July 12, 2009

Iron Age - The Sleeping Eye

You want to know who's hot? Jessica Biel.

You want to know who else is hot? Iron Age. Their new album "The Sleeping Eye" is probably the best album of the year. It is just miles ahead of of their last album "Constant Struggle", and I love that record. You could kind of see what was coming as far as sound goes with their "The Way is Narrow" 7 inch, but this record eclipses even that.

The vinyl on Cyclopean was up for preorder on May 11. Limited to 777 copies. It sold out in two freaking days. Luckily, I got one. Thanks again to my friend Al who seems to know when every record goes up for pre-sale. Even the ones he doesn't want.
Word is the vinyl will be re-released on TeePee Records. I find that strange since aren't Witch and Sleep on TeePee? Don't get me wrong - I like stoner rock as much as the next guy, but wow.
Anyways, here are some more pictures of The Sleeping Eye.

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  1. I got a promo for the CD from Tee Pee the other day, and i was surprised to see that they were releasing it. Even more surprised to hear that the vinyl came & went already. Figures you would have one. Lucky bastard.